The best services and websites to keep up to date on programming


We are fortunate that we live in an age of speed, but being a programmer you are not at all lucky as you have to keep up with this speed. Usually we hear news such as that a company such as this has created a new hip frame, a new version of a technology, or a new library that better solves a problem. Also, hundreds of articles are published daily, all in order to update you with the best technologies and code. On the other hand, you, dear reader, must be aware of these updates, without which you will be a programmer who lives in the past in the future, or in other words, you will be Internet Explorer . In this article, I introduce you my friend on the best sites that you should follow daily to stay up-to-date in programming.

Before we start

Before getting into the heart of the matter, there are some things that I would like to clarify:

  1. There is no better site than another, I use them all in one way or another.
  2. Social media sites that I did not mention can benefit from, but they have less impact.
  3. The sites I list depend on who you follow. Therefore, do not judge her too quickly.
  4. I wanted to write Origi but prefer not to refer to it in the article.
  5. Do not be Internet Explorer.

Medium platform

I cannot describe this great platform with its content, whether in the world of business, programming, cooking, success stories or failure stories. As for programming, it contains a huge educational arsenal, and I can confidently tell you that it is better than anywhere else to learn programming and acquire its basics. In addition to the blogs of the largest companies such as Google, Facebook and others. And not to forget that it was the birthplace of several popular sites like  . Also, the love of the search platforms for this platform gives you massive access to millions of programmers if you plan to share your knowledge.

  1. Content: 10/10.
  2. Site characteristics: 7/10.
  3. Mobile application: Available.
  4. Night mode: on the mobile app only.

Twitter platform 

You might say, What is wrong with my social media site on this list? But if you did not notice, Western educational content is absent on Facebook, but even Instagram, but is strongly available on Twitter, not only that, but even most software engineers have accounts on Twitter only, I even noticed that a group of Arab programmers use Twitter instead of other communication sites . All of these institutions, companies, and developers share knowledge on Twitter to keep you informed of software updates, and of course follow up on people related to the field you are interested in.

  1. Content: 10/10 depends on who you’re following.
  2. Site characteristics: 7/10.
  3. Mobile application: Available.
  4. Night Mode: Yes.

Newsletter newsletters

God is the greatness of these services, the most beautiful of them is that they are free services, and these services are also available for all areas. Just write the field that you want to stay informed about + newsletter, and as soon as you enter your email the service will provide you with the best articles (and do not be surprised if you find Medium tyrant On it), videos, weekly job offers, and some ads as well on your e-mail. The beauty of these services is that they are sufficient on their own, without the need for any other resources that we mentioned. It also provides you with a full archive on its website for the past weeks. It is not necessarily weekly, but I like weekly newsletters because they do not come with everything new and do not neglect much at the same time.

  1. Content: legendary.
  2. Characteristics: According to the service.

Github platform

Is there a programmer who has not heard of git or github before? I do not think so. Dozens of open source software for corporate giants and programmers are on this platform, so if you want to know the current trend of programmers currently,  the Trending page  on Githab does the duty with the ability to filter Trends according to the programming language used, and you can also choose Specific period of time. And there is a page for developers and another for warehouses. The beauty of Githab is the additions Microsoft added to  the Explore page  , as it makes me feel like I’m on a programmer’s social networking site. Let me stop here because I have entered the Infinity Loop application for this platform.

Other sites

This is a list of sites that are no less important than the previous one, and it should be mentioned:

  • Reddit site : one of the competing and wonderful sites, the diversity of its topics is the strength of this site. The thing that I do not like about Reddit is the design, although it is better than many similar platforms, and of course this is not only a platform for sharing the meme, but sharing many other useful things, and an article has already been published on Aqua Web about the best branches of Reddit software that You may be interested in my programmer brother. 
  • News : A news site focused on computing and business sciences. As for me, I did not benefit much from it, but it became clear to me later that many people benefited well from it, but there he considers it the first way for him to stay informed of updates. Again, I don’t like the interface, but there is an unofficial site with a better interface.
  • Stackoverflow : Yes, my friend, this is not a place to steal code only. If you are using this site only for something as well, let me tell you that you lost a lot to learn. The most popular questions page is the best thing on this site which keeps you informed of the latest problems that you may face. Also, I liked the new approach of the developers, where they attach a full explanation of the problem, solutions, and the best solution, which gives you a greater briefing on the problem.
  • Blogs and Channels : There are blogs specialized in every field, such as the Aqua Web Blog, and   it is good to follow them and put them on your daily to-do list. Also, YouTube channels are software , but they are always the best in making you familiar with the new field, especially since these sites and channels are often credible because of the number and quality of followers.

For reference only, I may have forgotten or do not know anything about other methods, and it may be better than the one I mentioned here so you can share it with us on Facebook.


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