The 100 best Android and iOS apps for 2020


As a smartphone user, what animates that daily use and addiction to it is the apps that you use on your phone, and like any other user he always prefers to add new to his phone to keep that obsession on it, there are millions of apps out there in the store, and hundreds of thousands outside the store, but You cannot spend hours and days browsing it, searching for it, installing it, trying it, and so on, but let that task for the Aqua Web site, which will bring you the best applications that deserve to be in your phone for the year 2020, yes we will call it the best applications of the year 2020 for several reasons Among them are durability, strength, professionalism and certainly heavy use of it by an enormous number of users around the world.In this article, we will provide you with a list of the 100 best applications that you can install in your Android phone for the year 2020, applications that will benefit you in the long term, in this article we did not divide or classify the applications under any classification, but in each application we will add you its own field, explain it and then the link to get On him, follow us 

Before we go into the classification of applications, it is worth noting that in this article we will abandon the applications that everyone knows or uses by everyone normally, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and so on in order to provide 100 applications that can fully benefit from each one of them. 

1 – Office Lens application (office applications): 

An application provided by Microsoft, the application helps you to capture specific images such as papers, or blackboard interfaces, for example, and convert them into a professional PDF document, the application comes with OCR technology that enables you to transfer images later to applications such as Word, Excel and modify them, there are document imaging applications a other alternative you can rely on the application in the case of your interest has not thrown. 

2 – Picsart (photo editing) app: 

Its fame is wide, and it is present on millions of devices in the world now, and it is a special application for editing photos using your smartphone, it comes with many features, perhaps the most important of which is providing a set of templates or Templates to insert your photos directly and replace them in the template, and also supports writing on pictures Finally, the photos are extracted with high resolution, not to mention the filters and plugins that you can also use to improve the quality of your photos.

3 – Google Keep application (management): 

One of the most popular management applications and saving notes and notes and scheduling them, supports many useful features such as synchronizing all notes on all devices, notes can be divided through Labels, you can also choose colors for each specific note, and you can even schedule the application to remind you of a note Specifically at a specific time, and the nice thing is that it now supports the regulated mode in terms of the interface. 

4 – Discord application (social media platforms):

Discord application is one of the applications that may replace famous social media platforms in the future, it in itself provides you with the ability to join a group of groups according to their type. You can join them and communicate with everyone, or you can have a one-on-one conversation with one person through the application, so that you can Stream or broadcast games through the application, and it is also available on the desktop and the web.

5 – VLC Media App: 

Technically, you will give up on all media players in your device after your experience with the VLC Media application, it plays all types of files from videos in various formats and also audio files, supports external files such as subtitles in movies, for example, has a simple and professional interface, and we do not forget the ability to listen to music and even Video after exiting the application or by locking the phone. 

6 – Medium app (blogs): 

Medium platform is one of the most prominent technical and cultural sites in our modern era, and the platform can even be considered a social platform that brings together bloggers from all over the world who provide different and simplified lessons in various fields. And it remains only your choice of fields that you want to read (technology, general culture, politics …), and if you want to practice this on your smartphone, we suggest you the “Medium” application. 

7 – Pinterest (Social Media): 

The Pinterest platform or Pinterest may no longer have that appeal on the web, but the mobile application is definitely one of the fun applications to browse, and you may spend long hours watching this image, or this Gif, or this video, by adding the platform to new technologies, the application can now suggest content Much like what you are looking for, if you are interested in the field of movies, you will find pictures, logos, quotes and movie posters, and the same is true for lovers of games, decoration and so on.

8 – Blokada (Protection) app: 

The application is free and open source and there is no fear for your data or information while using it, the application intercepts any external connection to any application in your phone, as we find, for example, that a special application for downloading pictures from Instagram sometimes sends your pictures to an external server, and here the application detects it and tells you The application has tried to send a picture to this server or this link and stops it, along with other features in the application also that you can take advantage of.

9 – FireFox Preview (Browser): 

There are many browsers that we will display in this article, believe me, and they are all useful and come with powerful features, and FireFox Preview is the latest browser from Mozilla, and it is also considered the fastest browser currently as it is based on technologies not found in other browsers that make it compete with this speed The browser, but FireFox Preview is still in its infancy and the company has not officially launched it yet, but it is good to have it at the moment for a trial. 

10 – TikTok application (social media platforms): 

Whether you agree or not, TikTok is one of the most growing and used applications currently, it is a social platform for sharing videos through specific music clips, you can choose to create content and bring TikTok followers to your account, or you can just watch other people’s videos and interact with them, The company that developed the application said it will introduce more other applications too soon.

11 – IFTTT implementation (management and tasks): 

In addition to providing several features and facilities on the web and computer, there are also facilities provided by the IFTTT application for the phone, such as sending a message when your phone is lost, or turning off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth while not in use, or just simple tasks such as reaching the weather every day, here we provide you A set of Applets that help you use IFTTT software better. The application will benefit you in the long run and make it easier for you to use your phone on a daily basis. 

12 – AccuBattery: 

There are many applications in the Google Play Store that describe themselves as the ideal solution to preserve your phone’s battery, or they provide accurate data about your phone’s battery, but honestly the Accubattery application may be the most professional one, and perhaps the only honest application among them, the application provides you with data About your phone’s battery, the apps that drain it, how to save your battery for a long time, and more.

13 – Feedly (News) App: 

It may be difficult for you to track or follow your favorite sites separately, and you may prefer to follow only one application that brings you all the news you want from your best sources in one place, so we suggest you the Feedly application, which is considered one of the best applications in the field of news and the most Professional, it also includes thousands of sites that you can subscribe to, and it can be divided into different sections of the sites. 

14 – WPS Office (Office applications): 

After Microsoft joined the mobile world and transformed its famous software into applications available on mobile, we may have forgotten at the time the WPS office application, but the certificate of truth testifies to this application of its quality and professionalism, and it sometimes comes as a position in a group of smart phones, the application is able to manage office files Doc files, PDF, Xls ..), whether in terms of reading them, or editing them and bringing professionalism in dealing with them.

15 – Reddit application (social media platforms): 

One of the most popular platforms currently, it is true that the content of the Reddit platform is foreign content, but it is a treasure trove full of knowledge and information, and we have previously presented an article about the Reddit platform and how I moved from the Facebook platform to Reddit, and we recommend that you move to it, and the platform’s Android application is an application Good and easy to use, and you will spend hours browsing it up and down like Facebook, the difference here is that everything that is published is useful, fun and entertaining, of course it is necessary to choose the appropriate sections, but then it will become a platform and not the most wonderful.

16 – Mega Application (Cloud Services): 

In this article we will review a few applications that provide its useful cloud services to you, we start with the best of which is the Mega platform that provides you with 50GB of storage for free, any type of files can be uploaded to it, and you can synchronize your account with a computer, phone and other devices, easy to use as well and The protection techniques in the app are also very powerful. 

17 – Forrest (development) app: 

The smartphone despite the many benefits it provides, but sometimes it may be a hindrance between you and the completion of a task (for example, studying, or finishing a task on the computer) due to notifications, for example, or communications, so we suggest you in our list of the best Android and iOS applications The Forrest application that prevents you from accessing any other applications on your phone for a specified period that you specify, you will not be able to use any other application until the specified period elapses.

18 – XDA Labs (sites): 

XDA is considered one of the most followed sites by smartphone enthusiasts, as we find on the platform reviews for phones, suggestions for new applications, articles about Tips & Tricks that you can apply on your smartphone in order to enjoy some additional features and a lot …, the application is not It is on the Google Play Store (there is a lite version, but it does not provide all), so you will have to download it from another source or the official website of the application. 

19 – Gallery Go application (pictures): 

The Gallery application is the latest Google application for editing, categorizing, and displaying pictures in a beautiful way. The application allows you to browse all the pictures on your phone, either normally or in a divided form, and the application reviews the ability to automatically divide pictures, and offers you additions such as deleting pictures All in one go or transferring them, not to mention some special features for filtering, modifying, and improving images.

20 – Online Compiler Application (Programming): 

It may interest a handful of programmers to add some software applications to their smartphones, either in order to try specific codes at any time, or even fully practice programming through a smartphone (for those who do not have a computer), although this is difficult to achieve. Compiler application is one of the applications worthy of installation and experience, it allows you to program in several programming languages ​​and try it directly on your smartphone. Application link: Android | iOS (currently not available for iOS) 

21 – Crumblyy App (General Information): 

The Internet has become a beautiful source for sharing information in general, tips and even what is now known as DIY for making specific things, the Crumblyy application provides you with general and comprehensive information in a specific area that you customize or just leave the application brings you information from all areas, it provides advice in those Branches also, and sometimes offer ways to create specific things simply, the application has a simple interface and light to install.

22 – Udemy (Courses) Application: 

One of the popular platforms currently in online learning, it offers a huge range of courses in almost all fields in the world, whether technical or non-technical, and by obtaining courses for free (you can follow our page of Aqua Offers in which we offer paid courses for free from Udemi), you You will follow it later and see some of it being included in your account, here you will need the platform application to allow you to follow the courses on your smartphone. 

23 – Sololearn (Education): 

A group of Sololearn applications was launched years ago, and until now it is still one of the strongest series of educational applications in various fields, on top of which is programming, there is no single Sololearn application, but there are many, and you can choose the appropriate educational application for your situation, for example if you want to learn programming in Java, there is a Sololearn application Java for that. This series of apps comes with a distinctive, useful and effective learning modular interface.

24 – Adobe Premiere Rush (video): 

Adobe launched its new application Adobe Premiere Rush in 2019 and it is considered the best video editing application using your smartphone currently available, the application provides many features found in the main software on the computer, such as cutting, merging, adding writing, music, and various video clips besides Editing the video using specific filters, the application needs a powerful phone in terms of components in order to operate it as well. 

25 – YouTube Vanced (Watch): 

The official YouTube application from Google is good and powerful, but it lacks some highly desirable features, or let’s say that these features are already in the application but in the Premium version only, among which is the ability to play videos in the background or while the phone is closed, or watch them while using another application. Here, we would like to suggest you the YouTube Vanced app that comes with these features in YouTube, in addition to being a blocker for YouTube ads.

26 – inFact app (info): 

One of the applications that I love to use personally, it shows you news in the world and various information in various fields of medicine, technology, history, art …, so that you can customize the areas that interest you most, the inFact application comes with a pull-up feature so that every time you withdraw A new set of information and news appears for you. The application has a very attractive interface too. This should be mentioned and easy to navigate. You can also store and save any information you like.

27 – Story Saver application (assistive applications): 

As the name suggests, the purpose of the application is to provide the ability to download stories (stories) on the Instagram platform, unlike other applications that the latter will download in high quality to your own device. one. (the same app does not exist but similar apps are alternative) 

28 – Abstract (Pictures) Application: 

We really recommend you to try this application, Abstract provides you with high-quality images up to 4K resolution, images that you would really like to use in your phone, and the application also supports basic images that come in a group of applications such as One Plus, Huawei, etc., as the name of the application suggests It tends to present abstract images that combine shapes and colors. You will not find picturesque scenery or animals in the application, but only abstract images. Application link: Android | iOS 29 – pCloud app (cloud storage): Another application among the cloud service applications that is worth a try, it comes with some additional features such as fingerprint lock or facial recognition feature, in the free version you get 10GB space to use and you can develop for payment, the service is also available on the computer and you can of course synchronize all the contents Between the phone and the computer.

30 – Spotify (Music): 

Of the most famous musical applications in the world, all producers of music currently heading for the issuance of their content on Spotefaa (Spotify), a free application but some services can be obtained only by providing a paid account , such as the possibility of listening to music Oovlaan, the advantage powerful that you can find any music and listen to them do not, With the application’s synchronization with computer software, you can now listen to modern and even old music through the Spotify application with ease. 

31 – Dictionnary app: 

The application that we will suggest to you now is not an application that translates from Arabic to English or vice versa, but rather an application that translates from English into English itself, how? It simply defines words for you in the English language, it also comes with the feature of listening to the word in order to know the correct way of pronouncing it, and it comes with many divisions in explaining the word from the inclusion of similar meanings, or the plural of the word, and examples of sentences using that word. 

32 – AppsFree application (free services): 

The Google Play Store offers daily discounts on paid applications in the store, some of them get 100% discounts to become completely free for a limited time, but how can the effects of these discounts be traced? AppsFree app can do that, as it can show you the most important discounts for apps in the store on a daily basis that you can get completely free of charge. 

33 – YMusic app (helper app): 

There is no doubt that you ever wanted to listen to YouTube clips directly from YouTube or in the background or while your phone is locked, but unfortunately YouTube, as previously mentioned, does not allow this feature in the Premium service, so we suggest you the YMusic application that can provide these two features to you for free, the application It is not in the store so you will have to download it externally. 

34 – Blockfolio app (cryptocurrencies): 

Are you interested in the field of digital currencies such as Bitcoin , Ethereum, and others? This application helps you to stay on the launch prices of these digital currencies, and is considered one of the most popular applications currency encrypted , the application can show more than 100 coin digital with current Tsairtha and condition in the last 24 hours, you can select the most interested currencies for you and show their prices In the application interface.

35 – Kiwi App (browsers): 

A very light web browser compared to other browsers like Chrome, also the Kiwi application is based on Chromium, and it can even run Google Chrome extensions on the computer using the application and this is the most important feature of the browser, it comes with a beautiful interface that broadcasts professionalism in the application, the application has its own characteristics Such as storing bookmarks or choosing not to do so from the settings or just opening the Incognito window in the browser as well.

36 – Gearbest App (Buy Online):

Is the site Gearbest months of purchase sites online , and your application platform comes additional things you may not find in the Web , such as accumulate points against the daily registration copy of the application, or access to new goods and the most famous in the platform, see the best daily cuts along Providing discounts for mobile only, which can be used through in-app purchases only. We recommend that you try it of course if you are a fan of buying online.

37- Photoshop Camera (photo editing): 

Adobe has a lot of applications released this year and are totally different, most notably the Photoshop Camera application, this application allows you to modify images live while taking pictures, and not only add filters or change the color centering, but add completely new things to the images so that The simple picture becomes as if you inserted it into Photoshop and added a lot of additions to it, which is the purpose of the application from its foundation.

38 – TeaTV app (watching movies and series): 

The TeaTV application is an application that is not present on the Google Play Store by the way, it is an application that allows you to watch movies and series for free via your smartphone, tablet and even computer, the application provides views of different quality starting from 240p and up to 1080p according to the quality of the servers and the movie as well, Search for any movie you want in the application and you will find it, whether it is a new movie or an old one, the same is true for TV series, we cannot provide the application link, unfortunately, but here are suggestions for the best applications for watching movies and series for free . 

39 – FV File Explorer (File Browsing): 

We no longer trust applications for browsing files across the device, the most famous applications such as Ex File Explorer have been removed from the Google App Store for violating Google’s policy, and it was later discovered that the application was spying on users’ files, but we, in turn, review the application FV File Explorer. Which comes with more than 100 new features that will benefit you while browsing your files from facilitating browsing and facilitating the review of files, as well as dividing them into sections and many more. 

40 – Stadia Application (Playing Games): 

Google has announced this year its new platform Google Stadia for cloud play, so that anyone will be able to play any game in the world using his device even if it is not supported in terms of the components, all you need is a Stadia platform and a fast internet, and Google has launched Also, the application for Stadia that enables you to play these games using your phone (but you have to get the device first). 

41 – Telegram application (social platforms): 

The Telegram platform or Telegram is now considered one of the best social platforms on mobile and even computers (yes, there is a computer program for Telegram) It may be a problem for Telegram finding good channels to follow, but do not worry we have covered that in this article that reviews the best Telegram channels , the application is safe and It is open source and does not spy on your data like other social media platforms, and it can also be used to communicate normally with other people such as WhatsApp. 

42 – FastSave (Helper App): 

What do you use to upload photos or videos posted on Instagram? What if we suggested FastSave to you? A simple and good application, all you have to do is download the application and run it, then go to the Instagram platform and just click on the settings of any post and then copy the link and it will download automatically, you will not find in the world an easier and more comfortable application in downloading Instagram posts more N this application. Application link: Android (not in the store, must be downloaded from an external store)

43 – Glitchy (photo editing): 

Have you ever wanted to add a Glitch effect to your personal photos? We suggest you apply Glitchy to do this, it comes with many settings for this Glitch Effect, along with the ability to write on images and convert them to Gif or even convert a video completely to Glitch style, there are some paid features in the application, but it will not attract you much though. Everything you need to get the perfect image is available for free in the app. 

44 – 1984 Cam app (photo editing): 

Have you ever tried to shoot a retro video, for example? To make the video look like it was shot in the 1980s? The 1948 Cam application will provide you with this feature, as you will be able to shoot videos and take pictures in a distinctive style far from the modern styles of selfies full of filters for cats, dogs and roses on the heads, this application will bring a whole new style to your photos and videos. 

45 – Google Family app (management): 

The smartphone has become an important tool for every person now, but even a 10-year-old child is now denouncing having a smartphone of his own, and our knowledge of the extent of the brutality of the Internet puts us in a difficult position between providing the phone to your child or not, until a new application appeared from Google as well. It is a Google Family that you install a copy of for you and on your child’s phone, the application will track the child’s activities, his geographic location and all the required information about him, and all family members can install it in order to stay informed of some news.

46 – Aptoide (App Store): 

Google Play Store is a good store to get the best applications for your smartphone, but its problem is that it deletes any application that violates even the simplest terms of Google, as we do not find, for example, applications for downloading audios and videos in the store, or applications for protection or hacking (such as the Blokada application above), All this may invite you to download another application store to download external applications, and we suggest you an Aptoide application. Did you know that Huawei almost bought Aptoide after the US ban? Definitely worth a try.

47 – Boomrang (capture photos): 

The Instagram platform has a set of other assistive applications such as IGTV and Boomrang, the latter that helps you to take exceptional pictures, as you will be able to manipulate them in a specific period of time to create an image that is a short video in which you swing back and forth, the application will ask you to take a specific position and then Doing a specific movement while shooting, and the result is a great set of short videos. 

48 – AnimeSlayer Application (Anime): 

An Arabic application, and we will add more other Arab applications, do not worry, we have only reached half of the applications, the application is not present on the Google application store and you will have to download it externally, the application reviews the best anime and its episodes in a renewed way, whether you are looking for old anime or new anime , the application of anime this will save you all the episodes translated in Arabic to watch, it is worth mentioning that the application also provides you to view anime movies. 

49 – LinkedIn application (social media platforms): 

After Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn years ago, it did not care much about covering the mobile side and paying attention to the application interface, and until last year the LinkedIn application interface was not encouraging to work on it or use it on mobile, but fortunately Microsoft corrected the situation and became the official application of the platform Attractive, and has a good interface, as everything you used to do using the web platform is now available on the app and more.

50 – NewPipe (Helper app): 

We mentioned previously the YouTube Vanced application, which provides you with new features in YouTube such as watching videos without ads and using the platform to listen to YouTube clips when the phone is locked, but the application does not support downloading, so you may want to add the NewPipe application also to the list of applications that benefit you using the YouTube platform, The application supports fast viewing with different quality as well as downloading clips, whether video or music, and it is also open source, which means that there is no harm to you. 

51- YouCut (video editing): 

We did not mention a lot of montage applications or video editing applications in this article except for the Adobe Rush application, which needs a little powerful components in the smartphone, so we suggest you the YouCut application, the application simply aims to cut the video and delete unwanted scenes, as well as You can add some touches to the video such as deleting the sound or adding music to the video with some filters on it as well. 

52 – APKPure App (App Store): 

Besides the Aptoide application, APKPure also provides you with games and applications that are not present in the Google Play Store , you can go directly to the official website of the platform and download any application you want in APK format, or you can just use the application to see the newest applications and games and download them directly to On your smartphone, the apps are downloaded in APK format first and then installed later, you will find many games on this platform that it is difficult to find in the.

53 – ADM Application (Download): 

You may think at first glance that this application is not important, as it is only possible to rely on the download system for Android or iOS, but tell me can you control the downloaded files? Can the download be continued when you want to? Can you give priority to a specific file and then organize the download to other files? This application can do that, and it also supports downloading various types of files as well as specifying the download path for each type of file. 

54 – Waze (Maps): 

And this application still gets new updates every time that made it the best so far in terms of navigation, especially for those who use the car or a similar means of transportation, the application shows you the correct way that you must take to reach your destination, it comes with a voice assistant to guide you without looking at the application and also It warns you of any obstacles that you may find in the future on the road, such as traffic congestion, for example, and warns you whenever you exceed the speed limit in each area, and it is considered one of the best applications that you must have with you if you think of taking any trip .

55 – Spotify Lite (Music): 

We mentioned the Spotify application previously, but the beautiful thing is that the developer announced the Lite version of the application to allow everyone to use it even if the phone has weak elements, the Lite application does not differ much from the official application except in terms of performance and some differences in the interface, although the application is still not Available to everyone so you may not find it available right now in your country.

56 – KineMaster (Video): 

The famous montage and video editing application, it is considered the most popular in the middle class of applications that do not require a lot of ingredients in the phone in order to work, there are two versions of the paid and free application, the free ones will leave an application watermark in your videos, in general the KineMaster application puts between You have an amount of tools to help you convert any simple video into a professional one.

57 – Abjad Application (Books): 

An Arabic application that aims to provide books and novels for reading and downloading, there are among the displayed books what is free and what is paid, creating an account in the application will offer you a few good features such as storing books for offline reading or classifying books within your favorites for later reading, and Because the book is very nice, this application is the best for every digital reading lover.

58 – Vivaldi App (browsers): 

Until later, the famous company that owns one of the most popular browsers Vivaldi did not have any mobile application, but this has changed this year as the company finally launched its own mobile browser, the application is relatively light, and comes with a completely different interface from the rest of the other browsers, and it also supports opening a group of websites In one interface, the app’s home page has its share of creativity to offer.

59 – Flud Application (Download): 

There are many torrent download sites on the Internet that you can browse from the mobile (or use an application that we will mention in this article for torrenting), and you may want to download some files through these sites, but you will have to obtain software that supports torrent downloading on your phone, and I prefer Flud for personal experience, as it is simple in handling and easy in the interface, and torrent files can be controlled with ease. 

60 – 17Track (Management) Application: 

What do you use to manage the packages or products you buy online? Or know its location and track it? We suggest you the universal 17Track application that will allow you to track the location of anything you buy online, and you will also receive alerts and notifications informing you of the location of the package every time, and if there is any problem with your goods, the application will show you that as well. 

61 – YTStudio Application (Administration): 

The content maker on the YouTube platform seeks to monitor and track all the statistics of his channel and his videos, and if you use a mobile application it is difficult to obtain or manage these statistics, so YouTube provides us with an official application for content makers to monitor and always manage their content, which is the YTStudio application, You can even upload videos through it (you can do the same from the official YouTube app). 

62 – Eva app (helper app): 

If you use the Telegram platform, your only concern will be to find the best groups on Telegram to join, and because it is difficult to search for them using Google, you may want to add the Eva application to your list of applications, the application proposes a group of Telegram channels based on a specific field, and it is constantly renewed And it adds many channels at a time. (The application is not available on the Google Play Store, you can still download it by searching for it outside the store) 

63 – TorrSE app (search engines): 

It is not a normal search engine, as the application searches within the list of the best torrent sites in the world, the application allows you to search for any torrent file through it, except that the download will require you to use another application (use the above-mentioned Flud), you can download it via the magnetic link of the torrent It is also compatible with all torrent applications, so that it runs them immediately after selecting the file to download in the TorrSE application. 

64 – SnapSeed (pics): 

The most famous photo-editing application in the world, developed by Google, of course, has awesome features and features that will convert any image you have into a professional image through several pre-prepared filters, or through tools that control every part of the image from color consistency, shading manipulation, manipulation In black and white, adjusting the clarity and intensity and a lot, of course in the latter it extracts images with very high accuracy, we mentioned this application previously in our list of the best Android applications ever , and it is really worth a try. 

65 – The Binance app (cryptocurrencies): 

If you are one of the people who like to invest in digital and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, we suggest Binance platform as it is the most popular platform for trading and storing digital currencies and even buying Bitcoin and other currencies, the platform has an Android application that contains all the information you want and the actions you want Doing it as an investor in bitcoin and digital currencies, as well as following the news of these currencies and the rate of their rise and fall.

66 – Files Go app: 

Another application developed by Google, really there are some rare Google applications that you would like to install, this application is a file management application but in a simplified manner with some new technologies, first the application is keen to always clean your phone from waste, and it also alerts them to any duplicate pictures or pictures Poor may increase your phone space, the application cleans your phone from any cache also to ensure its speed .

67 – AC Market Application (App Store): 

Yes, I guessed, because of Google’s strict policy, many external stores have begun to be the focus of everyone’s attention, the thing that created competition among them all. AC Market is one of the strong stores that compete with major stores such as Aptoide and APKPure, as mentioned earlier in this article, as it allows free download for all Applications and games, most of them are not in the Google Play Store, and the application is safe and smooth in the interface.

68 – ShareIt (file sharing) app: 

It is true that it recently started to suffer from some poorness through advertisements and advertisements that have increased their limits, but it remains one of the best programs that help you share large files between a computer and a phone, or a phone and a phone, or a computer and a computer, especially since a new version of this The application called ShareIt Lite is now available which provides the same features of the application with a shortage of some tasks that you may not need.

69 – Aliexpress app (online purchase): 

The Aliexpress platform is considered one of the most popular platforms currently in shopping and buying online, the application for the platform comes with some things that are not on the site, such as the Freebies tab through which you can register yourself in some free products and get them for free if you are lucky enough to randomly draw on the product, Also, the Reviews tab to review the devices, or the Feed to follow the products that have been released by your favorite stores.

70 – Pulse Application (News): 

To follow all the news in all fields and in the Arabic language, we suggest you apply Nabd or Nabd, the application provides you with the ability to choose your sources from among hundreds of Arab websites in various fields such as art, sports, technology …, or choose the leading sites in your country instead, Then you will reach the main interface with the latest news of those platforms and their latest developments, the application is easy to deal with, and if you register yourself and your account for you on the platform, you will be able to keep your resources and use them always.

71 – Pocket (Management) app: 

How many times has the title of an article raised you on the Internet that you wanted to see and read, but you are in a position that does not allow you, perhaps time is not in your favor in that case, or you are afraid that the Internet package will run out for you, here we suggest you the Pocket application that saves all the articles that you look On it online, whether via the mobile app or the browser extension, then you can browse any article in the offline mode normally. 

72 – Datally app (monitoring):

 Speaking of the Internet package, how many times have you found yourself in a position telling you that an application has downloaded a specific update and has depleted your entire package? How many times did you just want to consume a portion of the package and found yourself finished completely? Datally application from Google is an application that allows you to manage your Internet package by determining the amount of consumption in each period and monitoring the applications that drain your package and others.  

73 – LightX (photo editing) app: 

There are many applications for editing photos and we have raised a lot of them in this article, but the LightX application comes with something new which is the ability to cut shapes from images and add them to other pictures (such as Photoshop), for example if you took a picture in your home, you can cut your image And placing it near the Eiffel Tower, for example, the application depends on artificial intelligence techniques, and it also comes with other features such as merging your image with other images to form it in an attractive way. 

74 – Malwarebytes (Security): 

The Android system is based on the Linux kernel, this means that any software installation will require your permission and it is difficult to install software without your permission, but this does not exclude the installation of viruses or ad applications or applications that leak your data, and you may want to install a specific protection application from Yes, our suggestion to you would be Malwarebytes which is the most popular computer protection program, and it is now available on mobile as well. 

75 – Over (photo editing) app: 

As the name of the application suggests, Over (we can translate it to on) is an application that allows you only one feature in editing images, which is adding writing to the image, it can write in any language besides its support for thousands of fonts available in the application, as well as many shapes, decorations and modifications Available to be used to achieve the best writing on photos, nice for those who have a purpose just by adding writing to pictures. 

76 – Letsview (helper application): 

You may want to display your phone screen on the computer, or show your computer screen on the phone as well, which applications do you think are best for that? Well, according to our experience, we see that the Letsview application is the best currently, the application is new and recently launched by Apowersoft, which offers many programs. Returning to the application, you need to install it in all devices that you want to show.

77 – Tor Browser Application (Browser): 

Until later, Tor Project was advising the Orbot application for users to browse deep web platforms and websites, but the matter is different now, as it has announced that it will update and cancel all Orbot services and replace them with the Tor Broser application, which will officially become the first application for browsing Al Deeb websites and Yep , or just browse any site securely and hidden. 

78 – FX File Explorer (File Manager): 

After removing applications such as EX File Explorer from the Google Play Store after discovering that it was spying on information and data of users, competing applications appeared that reached the top, such as the application FX File Explorer, the latter comes with a chain interface that provides you to browse all the files in your device, speeding up the process Searching or splitting files as required, transferring files also and a lot of privileges. Application link: Android | iOS (currently unavailable)

79 – Seven (health) app: 

Or the full name of the app Seven – 7 Minute Workout, it is an application that offers some training sessions in the field of bodybuilding, in every movement or session you have 7 minutes to complete those movements in order to train your body on them, by continuing to do the movements in the application you will gain good body and health over time, The app is intended for bodybuilding trainees in order to simulate the correct movements with the specified duration of each movement. 

80 – Overdrop app: 

The competition raged here between Accuweather and Overdrop about the best app that you can use to know the weather conditions and keep your eyes on the hourly weather changes, and we have chosen Overdrop for you for that, it comes with a good interface and features like widgets as well, the app has several features and alerts in addition to the possibility of viewing On the weather conditions in the long term, and not only in the short term. 

81 – ZoogVPN (VPN App): 

The application is very cheap in case you want to get a paid VPN application (and we recommend that you do so since the free VPN is not completely secure), but if you want to use the latter for free, the ZoogVPN application provides you with 1GB of free space every month that you can use to your advantage, as well as its pricing Its paid plans are cheap ($ 12 for an unlimited, fast full year).

82 – Fotor (photo editing) app: 

There is a web version of the software and you can use it on the mobile with the same features, the application is able to modify the images in a pattern very similar to Photoshop in terms of features (not the interface) such as moving shapes, adding writing, adding filters, adding new things to pictures, and you can extract them in the latter With high definition and powerful quality, the app rivals the biggest apps now like Canva.

83 – Google Lens (Helper app): 

The application is still not available in several countries in the Arab world, but what this application definitely does is amazing, the application is developed by Google, of course, as the name suggests, the application specializes in converting your phone’s camera into a very smart camera, such as photographing texts in a specific language and translating them in a way. Live to another language, or direct the lens of your phone’s camera at a specific target (for example a type of plant) and it will tell you all the details about it, we hope that the application will be officially launched soon in the Arab world. 

84 – Google Camera application (photography): 

Another application from Google, really, Google has dominated a large part of the field of Android and mobile applications in general, this application is not available for iOS, but it is hardly available for all other devices, the application is for photography but it comes with very powerful features that are not found in any other photography application Especially since it can take very amazing pictures professionally, but the problem is that Google keeps this application for Pixel phones at the moment, you may find it with an APK version for your phone, but it is unlikely. 

85 – Coinbase (cryptocurrency) app: 

People interested in the field of digital currencies and bitcoin need a wallet that saves their money in an encrypted way, there are a lot of bitcoin wallets that provide this, such as Xappo and Blockchain Wallet, but our choice for you this time is the Coinbase wallet, it provides you with a beautiful and professional interface with the ability to review currency rates The encryption supported by the wallet, and yes, this is the most important feature, as it supports many cryptocurrencies in one wallet.

86 – Duolingo App (Education):

Duaolingo still has a monopoly on the top as the best free application for learning live languages ​​of all kinds, although there are applications that now provide the same task as the Rosetta Stone application (paid), the application includes teaching different levels of the language, whether from scratch or advanced level, the application also includes different live languages ​​beyond The 20 languages.

87 – Infinite Painter (Draw): 

It is recommended to use this application on a tablet more than a smartphone, but it is suitable for installation on any device, the application allows you to draw on the device with various techniques, as it includes a set of brushes, pens and tools within the application that allow you to literally create a masterpiece from scratch and extract it with quality High, good for anyone who loves digital painting.

88 – Adobe Lightroom (photo editing): 

Adobe’s famous application for editing photos, Adobe Lightroom does not rely heavily on adding writing and so on more than taking a picture, correcting colors and shadows, and balancing black and white colors in order to obtain a professional image, perhaps, with competition in Similar applications the latter is still clinging to its position and still enjoying many downloads. 

89 – Musixmatch (Music): 

How many times have you listened to certain music and the melodies took you to recognize the words as well? This application can review the lyrics of the songs for you, and it can also play music and follow the words (such as karaoke). The beautiful thing about the application is that it works in the form of a bubble or Bubble like Facebook Messenger, which means that you can use the application with other applications normally.

90 – Dark Mode (Themes) Application: 

Dealing with the dark mode or the dark mode has now become an important thing, the Android 10 system will come in this mode completely and applications such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and others will start inserting the dark mode little by little to be compatible with Android 10, but people who will not get the Android update 10 They may suffer from some setback here, so we suggest you to apply Dark Mode in our list of the 100 best Android and iOS applications, the application that helps you convert any other application to the interface of Dark Mode. 

91 – Speedify (Internet) app: 

You and a group of other people may wonder if there is a possibility to merge the Wi-Fi connection and the 4G / 3G connection together in the smartphone in order to get a fast internet, and the answer is the Speedify app, as the latter works to integrate a group of communication sources at once on Computer and on the phone, the application also works as a VPN in order to protect your connection over the Internet, the application is free to use for a specific amount of data, but after that you will have to get it paid.

92 – Windscribe app (vpn app): 

Another powerful application that provides you with a safe connection to the Internet is the Windscribe application, which is easy to install and is very light on the device in the event that the components of your device do not allow the installation of relatively large VPN applications, and it also comes with a feature to block ads while browsing, this VPN allows you to change the address of the IP to any country you choose, the free version of the application provides you with only a few countries and the circle will expand in the paid version of the application.

93 – Parallel Space (Management): 

I will be frank with you here and tell you that I have tried several applications that allow you to open different accounts on the same device, and despite the harsh criticism that the Parallel Space application receives, it remains the best in my opinion, the application allows you to make a copy of any other application on your device (WhatsApp, Facebook Gmail …), and it also provides the ability to receive notifications through it, of course if you have a high-level phone, this feature has been included in the system from the ground up, and even other applications such as Instagram have become available to open more than one account in the same application.

94 – Vmos Application (Management): 

The simplest definition of the Vmos application is that it is the Virtual Box / Vmware software, but for a smartphone, the application provides the possibility to install a fake Android system in the middle of the platform, you can use it for several purposes, the first of which is to try applications that you are afraid of ruining your phone, or to install applications that you do not want to install mainly in your phone, If your smartphone also has medium components, you may find it difficult to run the application smoothly and smoothly, and it is recommended to try it on phones with high strengths.

95 – Boom (Audios): 

Want to little play the music you listen to? This application provides you with a few tools to balance or adjust the sound or add some effects to it. Often the application intends to amplify the sound and enlarge it in case the music is weak or not well audible, but there are dozens of settings in the application for you to be free to try it all. 

96 – Score360 (sport): 

We provide this application for all football fans, as it is one of the applications that must be installed if your interest is in football, the application provides all the results of the matches, follow the current or future matches, and you can also follow football news through it and see opinions and Comments of activists in this field, it also includes all the news of periodicals in all countries.

97 – TVIRL App (Watch): 

You have IPTV? Or would you like to watch encrypted channels and games through your smartphone (or TV screen) through IPTV? We suggest you the TVIRL application in our list of the best Android and iOS applications that helps you to achieve the best viewing of encrypted channels on your phone very quickly, and the application does not exhaust much of the Internet or even the components of the phone during use, its interface is easy and attractive as well. 

98 – Bixby App (Personal Assistant): 

The personal assistant on the smartphone has become a necessary thing now or at least an assistant for you a lot of times, in Android devices the system comes with the Google Assistant while on iOS devices the devices come with the personal assistant Siri, but if these two personal assistants do not meet your requirements, then Samsung A personal assistant also named Bixby provides the same features as previous personal assistants, supports multiple languages ​​and can control the phone to perform any command. 

99 – Facebook dating app: 

And this was one of the most important new applications launched by the Facebook network, as the company wants to compete with famous dating applications such as Tinder with its application. Facebook still did not circulate the application to everyone, but it is available in some countries such as India and Argentina, the application intends to provide compatibility in dating between A group of people according to interests. 

100 – Redmi Camera (Photo) 

The Xiaomi brand Redmi has a set of applications such as Mi Store App, among the most prominent of these applications is the Redmi Camera application for photography, this application can take pictures with different settings that allow you to take the best image quality even in the most difficult situations, and if the camera of your phone is weak Relatively speaking, the app is improving it, and I guessed, the app is only available for Redmi devices, but it can be obtained in APK format and added on any other phone. And this was my friend our list of the 100 best applications that you can install on your Android or iOS phone for the year 2020, and we are always happy to receive any other suggestions in the comments. 


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