Mozilla announces a new professional VPN app


Mozilla or Mozilla, which is responsible for the famous browser FireFox, has recently started providing a set of technologies and software that allow users all over the world to facilitate their work, most notably the FireFox Quantum browser, which comes with new technologies in browsers that make it very fast, or the FireFox Preview browser. With the mobile, which is also the fastest browser on the mobile currently, and its best productions in 2019, we will recommend the FireFox Container feature that allows you to prevent companies such as Facebook and Google from spying on you so that you isolate all your browsing in one container, you are also allowed in each container to open a private account You also have a lot of other technologies.

Today, Mozilla announces a new technology that may be highly desired by users at a time when protection has become a fictitious thing, as Mozilla announced a new VPN program of its own available on both mobile and computer. The VPN, short for Virtual Private Network, is a software that encrypts your connection in certain ways so that it does not allow your internet service provider to spy on you, which allows you to open the blocked websites in your country with ease, and it also prevents any other companies from obtaining any information Real about your browsing with the encryption that the program does. In this article, we suggest you the 10 best VPN software ever that you can use. Unfortunately, using a free VPN program does not provide you with the protection you think, but sometimes it becomes more sinister and spy than not using it, so it is always recommended to have a paid VPN program from a famous company.

Today Mozilla provides us with its own VPN, the program is still in the beta or beta version, and in principle it is called FireFox Private Network and the program will be available on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS according to the initial registration in the platform. As for the prices, of course the program will not be completely free, as obtaining this VPN from Mozilla will cost you about $ 4.99 per month, with this monthly price you will be able to get your own account and you have the right to access 5 devices together, meaning you can use the VPN on five devices in exchange $ 4.99.And if you are wondering about what is new about this VPN and how it can be stronger than previous programs similar to it, it is that the latter provides a new communication protocol called Wireguard that provides stronger protection, more solid encryption and high-quality internet speed. 

this means that the company will provide you with very fast communication and strong protection in exchange for simple services. Mozilla is known for taking protection measures above all in many of its programs, so we have blind confidence in this service. As for the official launch, the platform is still in Beta mode now, and you cannot download the program or use it now normally, you can currently register in the Waitlist or the Waitlist for the company to provide you with a link to try the VPN on your devices that you choose in the Waitlist . 


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