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Adobe is one of the creative companies that provides dozens of programs for designing, montage, coordination, programming, and really everything. Its software has prevailed all over the world, and for the most part, and you are reading this article, you have at least one software from an Adobe company installed in a device, and If you want to explore all of these programs, this article defines all Adobe software for you.Moving on from Adobe, we will talk a little bit about the Udemy platform, as it is a course platform and courses that are unique to courses in various fields as well. The Udemy platform provides paid and free courses at the same time, except that it is clear that the paid courses are stronger, better and more oriented than Free courses. Today, by surprise, the Udemy platform launched completely free discounts for a huge group of courses for teaching a large group of Adobe software, and we will share them with you all in this article to take full advantage of them. We would like to remind you before offering these courses that they are free for a limited period and may become paid over time. 

A course to learn and master Adobe After Effect: 

Adobe After Effect software is a program for the manufacture of special effects for videos, the software is used on a large scale from amateurs to professionals, and even filmmakers now rely on After Effect to create fictional effects in movies, this free course currently has an original price of $ 200 , And it provides you with everything about After Effect software from its installation, explanation of the interface of the program, explanation of the tools available in the program and getting started in making videos and special effects.

Adobe Premiere Rush Professional and Learning Course: 

The Premiere Rush application or software is a program that Adobe recently launched dedicated to editing and editing videos, but it is intended for the mobile version this time, while Adobe Premiere is for the computer, despite it being a simple mobile application, but its interface needs explanation, its way of working and how to include Video clips, cutting them, adding effects and music and everything about montage, we recommend that you install the application on a phone with high qualities, as montage requires a powerful device though. This course is available at $ 200 originally, but it is free now. It explains everything about the application.

Adobe Spark Professional and Learning Course: 

Adobe Spark software is a program for making all kinds of media, including graphic images, movie posters, game posters, party photos, etc. We can say that Adobe Spark is an integration of both Photoshop and Illustrator in a simple way and an uncomplicated interface with limited program functions. . This course will explain to you everything you would like to know about Adobe Spark, from how to install, explain the working interface, how to install additional media software in the program, and create professional images through it.

Adobe Lightroom Professional and Learning Course: 

The photographer’s lighting room, in this course we will learn how to modify the photographs taken with your lens, insert them into the program, and modify them to become professional photos. Graphic worth sharing later. The course has an original price of $ 200, but you will get it for free if you take advantage of this discount period. The course explains everything about the program from the installation, the interface, and finally the extraction of images.

Adobe Behance Learning and Professional Course: 

Adobe has its own social platform, which is the Behance platform, the platform that provides a space for creators to publish their productions on the platform and provide them for others to review and express their opinion on the platform as well. Some people may find it difficult to deal with it as it needs to create projects And so on, we suggest you this other course within the full list of courses to learn all Adobe software for free, the course also has an original price of $ 200 and is now available completely free of charge.

Adobe InCopy Professional and Learning Course: 

The Adobe InCopy platform is a platform for writing and editing texts almost like Word, but the beauty of the platform is that it can be included with other platforms such as Adobe Indesign, which helps you in making books, fields and digital books, Incopy provides several editing tools in texts from the inclusion of fonts And coordination of texts, color manipulation, and so on. The course with the original price of $ 200 is now available completely free of charge.

Adobe Dreamweaver Professional and Learning Course: 

I really do not know if there are people in the year 2019 using Dreamweaver software in developing websites, but in general the software allows you to create, design and develop websites without the need for programming languages ​​using only drag and drop, but it has some defects such as ensuring responsiveness on devices and Even on browsers, the platform also allows you to view the code for your design. This free $ 200 course will help you learn to deal with the Dreamweaver platform interface and create a website without the need for any knowledge of programming languages.

Adobe Prelude Professional and Learning Course: 

Prelude is also a plug-in program like Incopy, Prelude deals heavily with Adobe Premiere editing and editing software, Prelude helps you professionally install videos and combine them with other videos or correct errors in the video, after which you insert them into Premiere for touches. Last. The course is available for free for a limited time, while its original price reaches $ 200.

Adobe Audition learning and professional course 

One of the most popular audio editing software, balancing and dealing with it, this program allows you to modify any audio recording by adding effects, improving it, reducing it or increasing its strength in addition to cutting it and practicing the normal pattern of sound by adding other sounds, adopted by many people who work In the field of acoustics in general, the course is now available for free, so hurry to get it.

Adobe Premiere Pro learning and professional course: 

Here we are talking about the software for the computer, it is software from the Adobe company also for editing and editing videos in general, used by the media field a lot (TV channels, YouTube channels, song makers …) because it comes with many features, and the interface of the program is complex. A little bit, so this course will help us understand it completely and start making and editing videos professionally. The course has an original price of $ 200, but fortunately it is available for free for a limited time.

Adobe Bridge Learning and Professional Course: 

Perhaps one of the most important things that Adobe provides in its software is the ability to install new add-ons and components for each of its programs, but how can all these additions be managed and coordinated? Using the Adobe Bridge platform would be the best solution here to do that. This is a $ 200 original course available for free to learn the Adobe Bridge interface and to practice using it.

A course to learn and master Adobe Photoshop: 

Oh yes, the darling of the masses and the most popular program of all Adobe software, Photoshop allows you to completely manipulate images in any way you want to create graphic images, modify other images, improve the quality of images, etc. You should actually use Illustrator for that.) Generally, we provide you with this course with a original price of $ 200, and it is also available completely free of charge now to take advantage of it. And here are also 20 courses to learn Photoshop other than this course.

Adobe Indesign learning and professional course: 

The most famous program in the world for the digital book industry (EPUB), the industry of fields, interactive books and many more, the program needs some sophistication in dealing with the multiple tools it provides, and fortunately this course will show you how to use the program along with an explanation of the interface and the overall tools that already exist. In the program, as is the case with all previous courses, it is priced at $ 200, but it is available for free now.

Course to learn and master Adobe Illustrator: 

Vector Adobe’s vector program, the program allows designing logos and designing any type of graphics with high accuracy using a set of tools, but it mainly depends on geometric shapes and manipulating them in order to achieve the desired result, and you can now learn Illustrator in high quality with This free course is for a limited time.

Adobe XD learning and professional course: 

We previously provided an article explaining the Adobe XD program , one of the best Adobe productions when it comes to making interactive UI / UX interfaces for applications or websites, review our article to learn about the program’s function more precisely, but now we recommend that you take this course, whose original price reaches $ 200 Also, get it free of charge during this discount period.

Adobe Animate Professional and Learning Course: 

Another popular program from Adobe and is used a lot in the field of graphics, this program allows you to create cartoon or drawn characters and move them using the program, both graphics and some programming techniques also overlap in the program, and the Adobe Animate program is used in many famous works currently Especially for youtubers who create graphics and animate them on their channels. Even TV channels as well.


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