For students: Get free services and programs from the largest companies


Major companies such as Microsoft and others are always trying to highlight their interest in new competencies and try to support them in the short and long term by providing some services intended for them only. If you are one of these students, this article will help you to get your free share of these companies.  above all, how do companies, in turn, make sure that you are a student? It depends on your e-mail, which should include the edu domain. It is also preferable to the name of a particular university or school before it, for example an e-mail such as [email protected] is considered a good mail. Major universities often provide an e-mail to each student that includes his / her name and the university’s name with the edu domain, so you in turn must obtain an e-mail with the same last hash in order to take advantage of these offers. In the future, we may provide a way to obtain edu e-mail, but for now you have to rely on yourself in order to obtain it (in case you do not have it before).

 Microsoft 365 package from Microsoft: 

Completely free and without paying a single penny, you will be able to get a Microsoft 365 package for free, the package includes all Microsoft Office software that can be accessed through the cloud technology in order to create and maintain different files, you will get some other additions in this package such as time management OneDrive storage is also used to store the rest of your files and data. You can also synchronize all your files on various devices so that, for example, you can write text in Word on the computer and complete it on the phone or view it on the phone, all of this using one e-mail and for free, and as Microsoft says it is not a trial period at all, but rather free Absolutely as long as you have a student email address.

 Github Student Package: 

The Github platform offers a free package and portfolio that includes a set of tools and other software that will help any student develop himself first and develop his projects secondly. This bag includes several programs and services for free, the most important of which is a free account at the site, which provides you with a special site domain with an SSL certificate through which you can obtain a domain for your site. The package includes an account on the namecheap platform to obtain free hosting for your project, an account in the Educative platform that includes more than 60 professional courses in various fields of development and programming, an account in the AWS Educate platform of Amazon that allocates you a complete package of up to $ 100. You will get It is free. Then many other accounts on high-quality platforms such as Degital Ocean, iconScout, Gitkraken and many more ..

 The Jetbrains Student Pack: 

Jetbrains is one of the most popular platforms that provide software and IDEs for developing and programming a set of programming languages, and it is considered one of the best IDE’s ever. We previously provided an article titled List of Best Jetbrains Editors .Despite its robustness, power and a complete configuration that Jetbrains editors come with, they are unfortunately not free, and fortunately our student friends will be able to obtain a huge amount of these software and editors free of charge through the company’s package specially intended for students.After you have registered in the package, you will be able to get almost all of the company’s software for free, starting with the Webstorm for the web, the PhpStorm editor for developing with the PHP frameworks, the RubyMine editor and Pycharm for development with both Ruby and Python and all other editors.The company will not ask you much in order to send your request to obtain these programs, only as we indicated an email indicating that you are truly a student, and then you will be able to obtain this software completely and for free, as you will receive an activation dedicated to you for these programs.

 Autodesk Student Design Software Package: 

The famous company, Autodesk, specializing in design, also provides you with a set of its famous programs, such as Autocad, Maya 3D, and 3Ds Max, free of charge for students. Filling out the form, or collectively, relates to educational institutions that can also fill in the form and prove their existence in exchange for valid activations to activate the programs on the computers installed in the institution. Everything is free with Autodesk. If you are a student then the best 3D software developed by this company and it would be great to get a free package of its elite programs, and all you need for that is to fill out the Individual License form and prove that you are a student in need of these programs, and You will get it very easily.

 Free software and bundles from Intel Corporation: 

Even Intel provides you with a few free software and tools available to students. It is true that it does not offer software as powerful or brilliantly packaged as Github or Autodesk, but in any case anything for free is currently acceptable. The software includes the first program, Parallel Studio xe, which is a program that allows you to organize the code that you manufacture to suit the requirements of the computer’s processor. It is a software that you may not need much unless you are a professional software developer. The package also includes Distribution for Python, which is a group of semi-paid libraries available for free in this package. These libraries are of great interest to Python developers, on top of which are Numpy, Conda, Numba and others. As well as System Studio from Intel, which allows you to manage software libraries and manage your programs that you have developed as well.

 Axure is free for students: 

Axure is a program for prototype industry for programs, websites and even applications, it comes with a huge amount of tools that allow you to achieve any vision you want in your own project, and compete with the largest software in the UI / UX industry.The price of the Axure program is $ 49 per month for use, and after trying it, you will find that it is really worth that price, but if you are a student, you will not need to pay any penny in order to obtain the program, my friend. It can be obtained free of charge by filling out a form proving that you are a student with an e-mail intended for students as well, after which you will download the trial version of the program and you will receive as soon as an annual activation link for the program in the mail that you have listed, every year you can send your renewal for activation to get one new. There are a lot of software available for free for students, in this article we tried to broadcast the best of them, of course, and we will try to provide more every time something new appears that supports students in general. 


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