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We will not disagree that platforms such as Udemy, Lynda, Coursera and others are educational platforms that provide their content to all those looking to develop their skills on the Internet, these sites are listed under the framework of e-learning sites that specialize in providing purely educational content on the Internet, and as an Arabic user, they may They resort to these platforms in order to correct some techniques, such as learning programming techniques , design , or just science in general. However, the language barrier may hinder you as it hinders many Arabs who are not specialists in the English language (we provide you with some English language learning resources here ), and since these platforms provide great English content, you are wasting an opportunity for ideal digital learning. Therefore, in this article we will provide something new for those looking to learn different technologies on the Internet but in Arabic, as we will include in this article as many Arabic platforms with educational and cultural content in Arabic, correctly and academically, some of them also provide you with the possibility to obtain a licensed certificate In a specific session, prepare for a barrage of powerful Arab educational platforms. 

Hsoub Academy: 

Hsoub has a lot of projects and software used in the Arab world, the most famous of which is the Five and Independent platform for freelance work and the combination of those seeking requests and the providers of these requests through its platform, and it is considered the first Arab freelance platform currently. The Hsoub network also has other platforms These include “Pictures” for uploading photos, the “Encyclopedia of Hassoub” platform, which provides you with an introduction to technological technologies …, as well as Hsoub Academy, which is considered one of the current Arab platforms with sophisticated, professional and academic content as well. Hsoub Academy is divided into several departments, including programming, design, entrepreneurship, self-employment, marketing and sales …, and in each of these departments we will also find other subsections that include courses in that field (paid provided by the Hassoub network itself), and We will find periodical articles in this field that enrich your knowledge, and we also find a question and answer section that enables you to ask your inquiry and wait for an answer from experts in that section, and the platform also provides books from time to time that you can read in a specific branch to get to know it more comprehensively.

 Edraak platform: 

The Edraak platform offers you a set of different courses and courses in many areas in the Arabic language. We can describe the Edraak platform in the Udemy Arabic platform. The lessons that it provides are mostly free. The amazing thing about the platform is that it is not only related to the usual fields such as programming or technology, but You exceeded that by many stages, so that you will be able to find courses related to psychological and psychological studies, or courses in education and child education, and so on. If your interest is related to a specific technique (for example, learning the Java programming language), you can search in the search feature for your desires, a quantity of good courses will appear for you, choose one, the course page describes the course for you from beginning to end before going into view, it provides you with the division of the course, presenter The course, the time required to finish it, the pre-requisite skills before watching the course and many more, and you will only have to register in the course to take the course and benefit from it.


Rwaq platform provides you with paths of knowledge and science combined in the form of free courses provided by experts in their field. The Rwaq platform supports a huge number of software and technological techniques, in addition to other techniques that anyone who wants to develop their skills in a particular craft may be interested in. Or just expand its awareness in a specific area. Rwaq’s problem – in our view – is the content that speaks relatively weakly. As a follower of the Rawaq platform for years, I can tell you that the courses that are being added are not at that fast pace. I may assure you that the number of added courses for the year 2019, for example, may not exceed 5 or 6 courses New. Let us not blame the site, it is difficult to fund educational content on the Internet in the Arabic language in this era, and let me shine the image of the platform a little and tell you that despite the weak updated courses, the old courses deserve all the attention and attract the attention of those eager to know the Arabic language to it. It should be noted in the latter that the platform is also available on Android and iOS, as you can now learn through your phone simply by using better.


“If you are looking to learn something new in Arabic, then you are in the right place”, the slogan of the Sadeem platform explains the entire situation to you. A completely free Arabic platform that provides courses, courses and courses in Arabic language training to help you acquire a specific skill. The Sadeem platform is resourceful when it comes to With the techniques listed on the site for learning, here you can learn entrepreneurship, and there you can learn design and development, and on the other hand, marketing and sales techniques … and so forth. The Sdeem platform has a group of professionals in their field with an entrepreneurial spirit who seek to provide their knowledge and share it with others. We may see the courses offered on the Sadeem platform free of charge and paid elsewhere, so be careful before purchasing any course or course whoever inspects this The site first and follow up all the new courses. Of course, all the courses are in Arabic, so there is no fear of the language while learning through the Sadeem platform.

Skill : 

Learn and learn with skill (Maharah), another Arab platform that aims to teach various programming and technological techniques over the Internet via video courses, a skill platform, and like other platforms that aim at digital education and get a return from it. Some courses are paid for. Free courses that you can also benefit from, and what separates you from them is only registering an account on the site. Mahara platform, until writing these lines, has about 312 courses, of which free and paid are available for direct use. The courses include programming courses, design courses, electronic and digital marketing, project management and entrepreneurship, and other techniques that may interest you.The beautiful thing about Mahara platform is that it also allows you to publish your own course on the platform, whether for free or paid, and if you are good at a specific technique, you can create a photography and work plan, then register it and publish it on the platform at a price that you specify or leave the course free for follow-up. Transfer your knowledge to others.

 We understand: 

The Nafham platform will differ here from the previous platforms, as it will not provide you with courses and courses in marketing or entrepreneurship, rather that the platform will concern the curricula for students and students, as it is a digital platform that helps the student to take and quote educational curricula in a digital way, curricula and The lessons presented on the platform are reviewed by professional professors. However, the platform still did not include all educational curricula in the Arab world, but so far it has made good progress as it covers educational curricula in Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Kuwait and the Emirates. The platform has a group of major companies supporting the project, which means that the site has a bright future in the future to cover the entire Arab world and digitize the educational curricula in it. The platform has an Android and iOS application that comes with different features besides learning, including performance monitoring and lessons learned, and it also allows mobile learning anywhere and anytime.


The platform does not necessarily have to be made by a specific company or specific people, as sometimes we find that educational websites are provided to you by the government of your country, such as the Doroob platform, as it is an educational platform sponsored by the Saudi government and intended for Saudis only (We apologize if you are reading this paragraph from a country Another, but there are holistic skills that everyone can learn.) All the courses offered on the platform are free of charge and aim to provide intellectual, technical and movement progress for Saudi citizens by acquiring various skills such as money management skills, business administration and even driving education, there are technical courses such as learning different software such as Excel, but in general the courses remain The introduction from the website aims to enhance the capabilities of the Saudi citizen that he may need in his daily life.

courses :

It is your new platform for obtaining courses and courses in various technical fields, as the name of the platform implies, because courses on an Arabic site have listed the most important courses in different fields to follow. You can choose directly from the offered courses or go to the branches where this site provides its courses, you will find that the courses platform provides lessons in design, networks, databases, information security, programming and other technical fields, all the courses offered on the platform are free courses and can Everyone has access to it. The distinctive feature of the Courses platform is that it is easy to access, you do not need to register or create your account in order to benefit from the courses, with only three clicks you will find yourself following a course for Java proficiency, for example, and you have really started learning and application. By choosing the field and then the desired lesson, you will find a list of lessons and videos, all you have to do now is start following the latest videos for the purpose of learning.


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